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The Reasons Why This Is The Best Place For You:

1. AGGRESSIVE COMPENSATION: Top carrier contract rates.


2. INNOVATIVE MONTHLY BONUS PROGRAM: Receive monthly bonuses outside and on top of any commissions you receive.

3. HYRBID SALES METHOD: Sell by either face-to-face sales presentations or remotely (or both!).

4. FAST CONTRACTING: The ability to contract agents in 24 hours with our Top Carriers.

5. DIVERSE LEAD OPTIONS: Over 15 different Lead Vendors specializing in Direct Mail, Internet, and Social Media lead generation.

6. VESTED RENEWALS: Receive vested renewals starting Day 1 on our whole life products.

7. SALES MANAGEMENT & ELITE TRAINING: Regularly updated training from current Top Producers and Top Agency Managers.

8. CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Simple, innovative, and flexible tools for appointments, relationship management, and business development.

9. INTEGRITY PARTNERSHIP: An exclusive partnership for qualifying agencies with Integrity - an insurtech company providing incomparable resources and support to our agents.

As you can see now, these are the reasons why people are working so hard and fast to secure their financial future... And you can too!


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