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A Message From FFL President, Shawn Meaike...

Did you get the chance to hear this ? The CEO and President of the entire Family First Life company shared a special message, directed at our team for our team, early on this year about how to set and achieve the goals you set for yourself in 2021. Have you listened to it? If not, you need to and if so, you'll want to listen to it again... which you can do by clicking on the video at the end of this email. The reason you should listen to it (and repeatedly) is because those who have are continually smashing ranks, selling more, and landing on the leaderboards. Take a look for yourself:

This past week we broke two new records as a team.

The first record being that between 294 agents protecting 954 families, $1,174,797 was submitted in premium.

25 out of the 294 agents all submitted over $10,000 in premium each, which means that not only did they get to work, but they are now in a much better position to provide for their own families by protecting the families of others.

What a wonderful way to make money.

The second record we broke was welcoming and congratulating 37 BRAND NEW AGENTS on submitting their first policies as a member of the FFL family.

The reason why you see so many people winning and earning the success they deserve is because those who have been where they are and now have what they want, pour knowledge and expertise into them...




People like Family First Life CEO and President, Shawn Meaike. Give this a watch:

When you start to realize the power you have and implement the knowledge you know, you'll start to see opportunity and success at every turn.

And when you are ready to get serious about that, we are ready to help you.

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