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A Quick Psychology Lesson For You From FFL CEO, Shawn Meaike

Happy Thursday - We'd love to provoke some deep thought for a minute (or ten), if you would humor us so... Have you ever considered the meaning, the reasoning, and the logistics behind the things you do? How about the psychology behind making a sale? The CEO and President of Family First Life, Shawn Meaike, breaks down the psychology of selling in the video at the end of this email. But before we get there, let's take a look at last week's report card:

As a team, $1.2 million was submitted in protection for over 1,000 different families by 284 agents.

30 of those 284 agents all submitted at least $10,000 in premium all on their own account.

23 of those 284 agents are brand new to Family First Life.

But that's not all... 10 agencies within the Family First Life America enterprise all submitted over $100,000 worth of insurance, each.

And all of this happened in a matter of one week's time.

What you're seeing here is the result of hardworking agents who went out and protected families to in turn provide for their own.

That's what we do here at Family First Life - work hard, serve others and make money - and you can do all of that on a much higher scale, and much quicker, once you understand WHY and HOW we do it.

Do yourself a favor, and spend 10 minutes watching this video, learning from it, and analyzing how it applies within your own business.

There is no shortage of support here.

If you want to succeed at a level you deserve to, and be paid accordingly - we are here to help you...

...when you're ready to get serious.

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