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He Really Did It!

The mind is a powerful thing, At the start of April, one of our newer agents, Tobe Oraegbu, took on the Emerald Producer Challenge. To become an Emerald Producer at Family First Life, one must issue pay at least $100,000 on their own pen in one month's time. And we couldn't be prouder to congratulate Tobe on accomplishing that level of production!

Tobe set his mind to it, and $100,275 later, he achieved it!

Not only is he now an Emerald Producer, but a Senior Sales Manager as well, meaning that he has earned his own team logo.

But that's not all that happened in April...

In fact, please help us congratulate the rest of the new Senior Sales Managers from April:

Be on the lookout for brand new logos from:

Alexander Peraza - $103,222

Darla Osuna - $109,332

Billy Tompkins - $113,315

Luke Wilborn - $115,129

Andy Gonzalez - $128,726

Mark Nissley - $134,701

Next, please help us recognize our three brand new Vice Presidents:

Very well done to:

Oscar Contreras and FFL Manifest - $161,076

Matt Saunders and FFL Grace of God - $170,325

Kim Marin of FFL Rise - $179,889

Can't forget about congratulating our three brand new Senior Vice Presidents:

Look at that growth for:

Al Vom Steeg and FFL Grit - $314,441

Jamie Chirio and FFL Living Hope - $362,760

Hayden Hill and FFL Levels - $403,750

In addition to all of that, we also have two brand new Executive Vice Presidents from April:

Both of these teams are crushing it:

Clay Sweet and FFL Guardian - $512,798

Brad Alkazin and FFL Pinnacle - $575,903

And last, but certainly not least, please help us congratulate our two brand new SENIOR BOARD MEMBERS:

Jordan Lowery and FFL Legacy Protectors issue paid over $2 Million, and Ashli Gronberg and FFL Rise issue paid nearly $3 Million in the month of April!

The growth from the Family First Life America team is exponential and non-stop.

Take a look at what the entire team has accomplished last month:

$4.7 Million issued and paid among 603 agents... in one month.


That's a lot of families served and a lot of agents making money to provide for their own.

If you were curious before, after seeing these results - this level of success - there is no question that this is the #BestBusinessEver.

We know you can, and we're ready for you to start earning the success you deserve here at FFL.

Are you?

Because if you are, let's grow!

We are ready to help you when you're ready to get serious.

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