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How A 9 Dollar Lead Turned Into An 80,000 Commission Check

Check this out -

Mike Curry, formerly an appliance repair man for 8 years, made the leap to Family First Life just a few months back.

With no prior insurance sales experience, he found conviction in the system FFL has in place to help those who desire success, succeed.

He purchased a batch of leads, dialed the phone, and booked appointments.

And it just so happened that after having experienced what the life of an insurance agent at Family First Life is like, and having protected a few families under his belt, Mike had the knowledge and confidence to issue a policy for $2,000,000... off of a $9.00 New Internet Lead.

You have to hear this story:

A policy of that magnitude, and the high commission levels Family First Life pays out at, Mike is estimated to receive $80,000 from that sale.

And if you watched the video, there is more where that came from...

Family First Life is designed intentionally so that truly ANYONE can do this.

If you follow the system, and you work hard, there is no ceiling to what you can accomplish here for you and your family.

But YOU have to want it for you and your family.

When you do, and when you're ready to get serious, we are ready to help you.

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