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How He 5x His Monthly Income At Family First Life

So listen to this - Mike Curry, who was an Appliance Repair Man only 4 short months ago, is now a Sales Manager at Family First Life Living Hope! He has no prior insurance sales experience, but he took a leap of faith and went full time with FFL after he finished his very first appointment protecting a family. He shares his story and what he credits his success to, and how you can also find the success you're after with Family First Life. But before we get into that, take a look at what our team accomplished in just the last week:

Between April 8 and April 14, 302 of Family First Life America's agents submitted a total of $1,345,866 in protection for 1,086 different families.

36 of those agents each submitted over $10,000 in premium on their own pen.

29 people were welcomed to the FFL America family, and all submitted at least one policy.

And 10 different agencies submitted $100,000 or more, individually.

Talk about another great week!

Each week the results get more and more exciting for two reasons:

1. People who request more information on what insurance policy fits their needs best are being helped

2. The agents who help them with that are making money for their own families

And what is arguably one of the very best things about it all, which Mike will attest to himself, is that ANYONE can do it.

Give this a watch:

But it requires drive, persistence, and hard work.

Can you embody those things?

Because if you can, and when you are ready to get serious, we are ready to help you.

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