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This Probably Isn't What You Are Expecting...

Happy Monday - Last week, we got our final team numbers for the month of March, and normally, we share those numbers with you on Fridays. Well... Friday was a hectic one (in the very best way possible) because we were so busy with recognizing and congratulating ALL 18 AGENTS who leveled up in their businesses last month. So, we are going to share them with you today - check this out:

What you are looking at there is a whole lot of success! Allow me to break it down for you... We welcomed 6 agents to the Sales Manager club: - Mike Curry - Darla Osuna - Spencer Faggioni - Tobe Oraegbu - Cassandra Carder - Billy Tompkins 3 new agents are now working on designing their own personal logos for hitting Senior Sales Manager: - Bryan Contreras - Mikala Goynier - Trevor Dunbar Congratulations to our 2 newest Vice Presidents: - Erika Haines - Jamie Chirio We have 4 agents who have smashed the Senior Vice President rank: - Andrew Haboush - Gage Peart - Clay Sweet - Brad Alkazin And last, but certainly not least, we have 3 agents who now identify as Executive Vice Presidents: - Nina Damjanovic - Alexander Strate - Julius Gilgur We have several agents on track to hit Hall of Fame this year, with Willis Hicks paving the way at over $150,000 issue paid in personal production so far this year. As a result of all of that, $3.6 million was paid out to 526 agents who went out and protected the families who requested it. And... that was all in just ONE MONTH. April is already looking so bright. Are you ready to shine? Make the kind of money you deserve? Provide for your family in a way like never before? Make a difference in the lives of those you get paid to serve? Because that's exactly what we do here. And we are ready to help you when you are ready to get serious.

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